The HPL Brick Series League is open for registration this fall in the 2009 and 2010 Super Novice Leagues. The 2009 Division will have four teams participating in the league and the 2010 Division will have two teams competing in their first year. Each team is made up of small rosters and the HPL league directors will work very hard to have balanced teams that will give all the kids of fun experience with the opportunity to be involved on the ice.

The Brick Series league will educate your child on the following aspects of proper hockey so they will be prepared for playing spring hockey at the highest level.  This will include but is not limited to the following:

– Offensive Positional Play
– Defensive Positional Play
– Face off Allignment
– Icing & Off-sides
– Fore Checking & Back Checking
– Changing on the Fly
– Team Tactics

The value of being a participant in the Brick Series League is a follows:

– Full NHL Sized Ice Rink
– “AAA” Hockey 3 & 4 Players
– Sunday Afternoon Games Only
– All games in a central facility at Planet Ice Coquitlam
– 21 full ice games will improve fitness level from playing 200×85 hockey
– Education on Full Ice Hockey and movement around the rink to learn how to play each position

The HPL Brick Series League will also be using these skates to identify and select players to participate on our HPL travel tournament teams for the following spring and summer in different Brick Series events across North America. The Brick Series league is open to any boy or girl that has multiple years of hockey experience, is a AAA caliber player and is looking to play in a competitive and educational environment all year long. With two HPL coaches on the bench each players will constantly getting feedback, chalk talk and a better understanding of what structured hockey looks like.

You can register for the program at Registration is limited and as we head into our second year of offering this program we are confident that all spots will be sold out very quickly.