Here is our 07 and 05 Jr Steelers Steelers Play Better challenge. For each game we play the following plays will have a charitable value. Each player responsible for a Goal will donate $1, Forward with a check on puck from a Back Check $2, Defense Check in own zone on puck $1, any player with an Assist $2, Shutout from a goalie $5 all money going to a charity of the teams choice. The goal is for each player on the team to reach $25 in team charitable work, if they hit that value they have played a great team game and are individually developing as a player.

The players on both 07 and 05 teams will pick a charity at their first practice that the money will be put towards. Our teams will use the sport of hockey and team play to not just help each other out on the ice but also help others off the ice.

If your team is interested in participating in this program talk to your coach today and you can see the kids be a part of the Play Better movement.Play Better