All the Jr Steelers Gold teams playing in the Pacific Spring Showcase ( will be challenged to get involved in a positive way in the community. Check out the details below and email Brad Reynolds at if you have any questions.


Win Your Team the NHL Experience of a Lifetime

Do you want to have some of the world’s best hockey players and coaches at your practice?

Do you want to win some sweet swag for your team?

Let’s Play Hockey So They Can!
Introducing the Pacific Spring Showcase charity challenge:

Working with your team to support disadvantaged youth to get the chance to play hockey.
You love hockey and so do all your friends. What an awesome game and the values of hockey, like leadership, teamwork and fun are what really makes hockey the best game in the world. We know you would want every kid to have a chance at learning those values and we know you want every kid to have a chance to play this beautiful game.

At the Pacific Spring Showcase tournament we wanted to have an amazing tournament, designed to really challenge the athletes, and to support your team come together for something bigger. Something that matters to your community, to your organizations and to Canada. Let’s prove we care. Let’s…

Help kids to play hockey!

We’ve partnered with the Champions In Sport Foundation, Bauer and some of our other amazing sponsors to bring you the PSS Charity Challenge.
What’s the Challenge?

Simple. The team that raises the most ‘Previously Loved’ hockey gear and/or fundraises the most money will win the Charity Challenge.

Most used gear + most money = Grand Prize NHLer package for your team.
Who Does It Support?

The gear and fundraised money will be used to support youth in the lower mainland get a chance to play hockey. Kenndal McArdle, former Florida Panther and BWC hockey alumni, has formed Kenndal’s Kids and we are also working with Athlete’s 4 Kids to support registration fees.

If you want further info regarding the charitable aspects please contact us here and we will call back to answer any questions.

Note: Kenndal is going to be bringing some buddies out for the grand prize winner. We’ll let you know when they are confirmed! The prize will be amazing!
How Do You Win?
The Rules:

Objective for teams: To win the prize(s) awarded to the team deemed most charitable.

How is it graded?

A combination of used gear donated and fundraising is looked at to determine the most charitable team.
A team does not have to do both collecting gear and fundraising. They may do either or both, but a combined charitable dollar amount will be the determining factor.
Every dollar raised through the individual team Giving Group will account for $1. $1000 = $1000
Teams must fundraise using and create a Giving Group under their team name or nickname. This is for tracking purposes. [Instructions listed below and sent to managers]
Used gear collected will account for certain dollar amounts (listed below):

Note: all product must be in useable shape or your team will not be awarded the dollar value. (collector will determine – try to be nice!)
Skates = $5
Helmets = $5
Sticks = $5
Pants = $3
Chest protector = $3
Shinguards = $3
Elbow pads = $3
Jock + holder = $3
Gloves = $3
Jersey = $2
Kneck guard = $2

The combined value of your used product collected will be added to your team dollar value and tallied by tournament organizers. [20 pairs of skates = $100]
Bonus points:
The team with the most used product receives an extra $100.
The team with the most number of donors, not necessarily dollar amount, calculated under their team Giving Group will receive $100.
Tournament organizers will have final say on value and winners.
Anybody seen or heard causing problems will be ‘charitably fined’ from their final total at the tournament organizer’s discretion. The point of the program is to change the conversation around minor hockey! Your kids are winning by being involved. Thanks for understanding.
How Do You Set Up the Online Donation Portion?

Your manager will get all the exact information to set up the Giving Group. PSS has partnered with CHIMP and The Champions In Sport Foundation to help with the technology and set up of this challenge. It is simple and easy and quick!

You can use these links if you do not get the email. Please contact us directly if you feel you are missing any communications. We want this to be fun, simple and a team bonding experience for your spring team.

How to set up a chimp account:

How to set up a Giving Group:

**IMPORTANT: if you feel like your team has not received the instructions email please contact us immediately to get set up. Thanks.
What’s Left To Do?

Get out there and pump up your team. Have a meeting and explain the rules and the prizes. Explain why this is important and how lucky your kids are. Use the challenge as a team builder and enroll your families in the games. Do an event? Plan a party? Make every entry a charitable cost? Make a donation for every time someone scores or make s great pass? Have some fun…

Let’s Play Hockey So They Can!

Thanks a lot from all of us at The Pacific Spring Showcase, Inside Edge, Bauer, Champions In Sport and the Hockey Shop. Good luck!